Professional Business Email

Email that shows your customers you are legit

What Do You Need to Know About Business Emails?

How does my professional business email make an impression?

Every time you send out an email or engage in any kind of corporate communication, people are reminded of you, your business, and your brand – just by the unique name on your professional business email address. Your business email is a simple but effective way to send out the right message about you and create a professional impression.

How do I choose my professional business email name?

When you’re deciding what names to go with for your professional business email, think about some of the functions you may want to separate in your business and the people who are part of it. It’s not just limited to your first name and your last name. You can set up emails which reflect the different parts and functions of your business. For example, if you’re growing and looking to get more organized, create separate emails for different things like a dedicated professional email for enquires ([email protected]), for accounts ([email protected]) and for yourself ([email protected]).

What are my options with ProStartKit professional business emails?

At ProStartKit, we know that businesses grow at different rates so we give you the opportunity to choose between a professional business email with 5GB storage capacity per mailbox or the professional enterprise email provides 30GB storage capacity per mailbox. If you don’t need much email storage space, the 5GB option is right for you while the 30GB option is ideal for more storage space.

Why Setup Your Email With ProStart?

Intuitive & Responsive Design

Your email is accessible on your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet

Storage plus Backup

Your emails are backed up so that you never lose important emails

100% Uptime & Security

You get zero data loss guarantee, along with 100% network uptime

Inbuilt Virus Protection

Our advanced anti-virus technology secures your inbox and protects against downloading malware and viruses

Productivity Tools

Keep your business organized and productive with calendar, contacts, and task manager tools

Social Media Management

View your social media streams inside your email inbox and manage your social media presence with ease

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Business or Enterprise Email?

Business email offers you 5GB of storage space per mail box. Enterprise Email offers you 30GB of storage space per mail box.