Referral Programme Terms & Conditions

Here are some important things about our Referral Programme

By participating in the ProStartKit referral program, you agree to our general terms and conditions and the specific terms and conditions for our referral program.


  1. ProStart Credits
    The referral program involves the earning of ‘ProStart Credits.’ ProStart Credits are points earned for activities including signing up to ProStartKit, referring someone else to ProStartKit, or any other activity as defined by ProStartKit from time to time.
  2. What do ProStart Credits Mean?
    1 ProStart Credit = 1 ZMW (Zambian Kwacha). This means that a single ProStart Credit is worth or equivalent to 1 Zambian Kwacha, the value of which can be claimed only on the ProStartKit store. ProStart Credits cannot be exchanged for cash or renewed for cash.
  3. Referral Customers
    The referred customer and the referrer customer cannot be the same person. The referrer customer is the one who shares their unique link with another person (the referred customer) who then signs up and may proceed to make and complete an order/purchase.
  4. How it Works
    The referrer shares his/her unique code with another person (the referred customer) via any of the means available on the ProStartKit platform. If the referred person signs up, the referrer receives 20 ProStart Credits while the referred customer receives 50 ProStart credits upon sign up. If the referred customer makes and completes an order/purchase, the referrer receives 100 ProStart Credits. In order to receive the 100 points, the referred customer must complete the order. This means the order should not be on hold, canceled, or refunded.
  5. Validity of and Redeeming ProStart Credits
    ProStart Credits are valid for one year from the date of earning. Any number of ProStart Credits you have earned can be redeemed at any time at checkout.


To be eligible to participate in the ProStartKit referral program, you must hold a valid ProStartKit account in good standing.


Combining referral codes to obtain price rebates or discounts is prohibited. Referrers cannot refer themselves or create multiple, or fake accounts on the ProStartKit platform.


Referrals must be made in a manner customary to communication between friends, family, neighbors, or other known colleagues or associates. You must not use ‘bulk distribution methods’ i.e. distribute your referral code at random to strangers. Distributing your referral code in this manner will be considered spamming and is expressly prohibited. We reserve the right to remove you from the ProStartKit platform for such violations and take further remedial action.


If a referred customer receives multiple referral links, only the referral link actually used will have the associated referrer credited with ProStart Credits.


We reserve the right to investigate any strange or suspicious activity on accounts we suspect may be using the referral program for purposes other than its intended purpose or those who may be using the referral program outside the rules as dictated in these terms and conditions. We are not obligated to credit your account with ProStartKit Credits should we discover that you have engaged in fraudulent behavior directly or indirectly in the referral program or in your use of referral links.


We reserve the exclusive right to change or modify the terms of use of the ProStartKit referral program.


We reserve the right to cancel or terminate the referral program at any time.