Why it Makes Sense to Have a Professional Business Email

In this day and age pretty much everybody has some kind of email address. If you want to be taken seriously as a business and as a brand, you need to set yourself apart. That means using a professional business email address with your unique domain name instead of @gmail.com or @yahoo.com or another free email service.

Creates the right impression

A professional business email gives off the right impression about your business. Be honest, don’t you wince or get a teeny bit nervous when you’re handed that business card with an ‘@gmail.com’ address? Having a professional business email gives investors, customers and anyone else you might be doing business with confidence that your business is legit. Ownership counts big time!

Organised communication

The plague of every startup is figuring out how to separate the business from the personal. A professional business email is the right place to start! Since you can have multiple business emails it means you can organise your emails into different functions.

It’s not pricey

ProStartKit professional email addresses are not pricey and are within reach for small businesses and startups! Plus we offer a monthly payment option to help you manage your cashflow – because let’s face it, cash can be tough to come by!

It’s easy

ProStartKit professional email addresses are user friendly and easy to manage because we take care of security and all the other technical stuff for you. Also, we have support services to take care of any issues for you!

All in all, getting a professional business email, builds confidence in your business, gets you organised, is easy to use and is not pricey – so it makes sense for your business!