Social media is down. What does this mean for my business?

Following the shut down of 3 main social media sites yesterday. We thought we should emphasize one of the reasons why it is important for your business to have its own website.


As you may have realised during all that mayhem yesterday. When your business entirely relies on social media platforms for an online presence, you are completely at the mercy of these platforms. A lot of business owners panicked when they realised that the situation was going to take longer than 30 minutes to fix.  All the posts, all the information about their business was not available for potential clients to see. 


This was a rare occurrence. However , there are other situations that may arise where your sole dependence on these social media platforms can put your business at risk of losing potential clients. They could decide to block your account or add restrictions on types of content posted and possibly control how and where it’s placed. 


Owning your own websites gives you full control of your content, allows you to dictate how your clients interact with your content and most importantly makes you independent and not entirely dependent on social media platforms.