Before you run off thinking this blog is going to get all technical…relax! This isn’t going to have any of that technical stuff – we promise. It’s just a simple to the point explanation of why you need to grab your domain name now!

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, a domain name is that section that comes before the ‘.com’ in your website address. That’s the unique name that identifies your website – it’s so unique that you literally won’t be sharing it with anyone else. You also need to choose the part that comes after the domain name, that’s whether to go with ‘.com’ or ‘.org’ or something else. We have some great advice on how to decide which domain name you should pick and why you should go with ProStartKit. Here’s a couple of reasons why you need to grab your domain name: NOW!

Beat the Competition

Everyday, new businesses are popping up and being online now is just as important as having a phone number. That means competition is getting stiffer by the day. If you delay getting your domain name, someone could beat you to it and grab the name you wanted.

Future Proof

Getting a domain now doesn’t mean you have to get a website right away. For a start, you can get your domain and professional business email address (that’s the JumpStart kit). Once you’re ready or once you’ve racked up enough ProStartKit credits through the referral programme, you can get your ProStartKit website. This way, you’re booking your domain in advance and don’t risk it being taken up by someone else. Securing your domain now can pay off big time in the future. If your business takes off and grows, your domain name could eventually be worth millions! So just in case, get that domain now!

Protect your Business

Having a domain makes it easier to protect and enforce your copyright; it’ll help you ward off potential copycats. But of course, simply registering your domain name doesn’t mean automatic trademark protection – you’ll need to take a few more steps for that depending on where you live, but we’ll save all the legal nitty gritties for another blog.

Add Credibility and Look Professional

A domain adds credibility to your business. It makes you look professional and shows potential customers and investors that you are the real deal. Owning your own domain means you own it and no one else can so it’s the perfect way to push your brand awareness and recognition agenda – plus it helps search engines find you when people search for you online (especially once you set up your website).

In the end, a domain is a great investment – it’s good for you and good for your business plus with ProStartKit, its affordable!