5 Reasons NOT to Build Your Own Website – Get Professionals to Do it! – Part 1

Thinking of building your own company website? Granted, it sounds good to save a couple of thousands that may be spent on web development but don’t be lured in by the “saving” you could make – it’s not as easy as it sounds! Getting professional website development services is super important – skimping out on web development costs is a bad idea.

Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t build your own website;

  1. You are NOT an Expert

Let’s face it, building your own website or doing DIY website construction may sound good but the simple problem is – you are not a web development expert! Although you may succeed in following step by step instructions for self-constructed sites, the end product will not be the same as that which could be produced by the experts. Unfortunately, this means your site will not achieve its intended purpose. 

  1. Save Time, Less Stress

CSS, HTML, Semantic Markup, Squeeze pages, A/B Testing, IA, Parallax scrolling, Folds, Anchor Text API, Backend. Confused? Chances are if you’re not a web developer these words don’t likely form part of your everyday vocabulary. Getting a professional to build and design your website will save you the stress of trying to understand all this jargon while getting your website developed professionally. You will also save plenty of time and energy which can be channeled into doing what you do best – running your business! 

  1. It’s More than Just Text and Pictures

There is more to building a quality and effective site than just text and pictures. Website appearance and layout is extremely important. The general look and feel of the site sends an important message about your brand and what you represent. Pictures need to be chosen and positioned in a certain way; the text style needs to be designed in a specific way keeping your brand and line of business in mind. The page structure needs to be good enough to keep your users hooked and coming back! This takes technical skill and know how – yet again; qualities possessed by web developers!

Still not convinced? Look out for part 2 of this blog post to read up on the final 2 reasons not to build your own website.